Local websites not loading through openwrt router on static network :(

Hi all,

First off I took a gamble on installing openwrt, I may even wrtie a few patches and kernel updates for certain devices as it loks pretty simple enough, however I have a problem!

I have my main router, which is a virgin media business hub, I have 5 static ip addresses, one is assigned statically to my server / desktop and the other is assigned to the r6220, Im connected to the internet and everything but one little thing doesent work.

My problem is, im on my laptop (connected through wireless on r6220 running openwrt latest) and im trying to load websites that are on my server (9x.1xx.1xx.90) and the openwrt router is ending in .94, my websites are not loading on my phone either, however at another house it all works, on 4g (iphone) they work.

So I put it down to the openwrt router, I have put all my domains as hostnames and that didnt work, so here is the question, what am I missing is this just a bug or is it not able to load period so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: