Local VPN gateway

I'm using openwrt in my home router. I've a vpn client server in my LAN. This server connects with and internet VPN server and connects multiple LANs. I want to use my server as VPN gateway for PCs in my LAN. I've added a route in router to redirect the traffic to this server based on the other networks addreses:

PC1 -------------------------|
PC2 -------------------------|----OpenWrt router---- INET ---- VPN Server ------ INET ----- Other VPN Clients
VPN Server (client) -----|

With the route all works from inside router (I can ping other networks over VPN from ssh in router)
But it doesn't work from PC1, PC2... The traceroute stops in openwrt router and it doesn't routed to local VPN client server.

Before openwrt I had ddwrt installed and it worked. I suppose I need to add something, but I do't know well. Can anybody help me please? Thanks

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Enable masquerading on the firewall zone where the VPN interface is attached to.


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