Local Time mismatch between Overview and System Properties

Hello. I have recently installed OpenWrt 19.07.6 on a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 v4 router. After the initial setup, i am having trouble with the Local Time set on the router. I have synchronized time with NTP server and in the System Properties menu it displays the correct current time for my region. However, on the main page (Overview) the time displayed is incorrect and is 6 hours behind. I also have installed and configured luci-app-wifischedule to turn Wi-Fi on and off at a certain time and i believe it takes into account the incorrect time displayed on the Overview page. Could anyone hint at what could be the problem here? I would have provided the screenshots below, but your forum engine does not allow it.

Sounds like some sort of timezone issue. What is your timezone (under System / System properties)?

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It was "Etc/GMT +3". I changed it to the corresponding continent/city format time zone and the issue seems to have been resolved. Thanks for the hint!


Glad you managed to fix it!

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