Local proxy (dns not work)

When I configure redsocks2 to use a local proxy, DNS is used from the router but not from the proxy.
Local proxy work on 192.168.x.x:5000
How to configure the second router to use DNS from a proxy?

Simply set your client (i.e. your web browser) to use DNS over the proxy.

How is this related to OpenWrt?

if i use postern app on android with local proxy i have DNS leaks

because devices are connected to OpenWrt router with redsocks2, I wolud like to configure everything through openwrt

If you want DNS thru your proxy, enable this on all software using it:

Screenshot from 2020-02-24 13-55-30

All client software must be configured to proxy the DNS requests!

Correct; and DNS settings through a proxy are set on clients - so I'm not sure how this relates to OpenWrt.

  • Maybe you see your router (the proxy) doing DNS lookups to the Internet; and it's confusing you?
  • Nontheless, after you set clients to use DNS over the proxy; please verify client look-ups to 192.168.x.x 53/udp disappear


I'm not sure what this means, unless you you're not understanding that "DNS queries thru Proxy" would be a client setting.

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