Local print with p910nd

Hello ! i have installed p910nd print server in my openwrt x64 server, everything works perfectly when i print something from our windows (on a side note i hate windows) computers in the same network, they all just print with no issues at all.
My problem is that i need to print text files that are on openwrt x64 server from terminal (ssh) after i upload them via ftp. I tried using "cat file > /dev/usb/lp0" (where printing is found and working like i said b4) and everything that looks like that XD with NO SUCCESS, if look crazy to me that it is SO EASY to print with remote machines in the same network but i can't find a way to print locally (even if remotely in ssh)... can u guys help me? any ideas?
i've had an idea: "make a tunnel connection in openvpn between me and my android phone, then printing with an app making it think printer and phone are on the same lan" but i don't like this solution, i really would just use ssh command to print... any help?
PLEASE i wanna try to avoid CUPS at all costs XD i know u understand me XD
Using x64 OpenWrt 19.07.4 r11208
printer is HP LaserJet Pro M28A
all hplips stuff installed

p910nd is not a printserver, it merely passes through the rasterized binary data stream prepared by the real printer driver on your client from the network socket through to the USB port. Most traditional router hardware doesn't even have the capacity (RAM, spooling directory, CPU performance) to do this rasterization process, not that the necessary printer drivers would be installed on the router in the first place (those are running on the individual clients).

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Thanks a lot mate very clear answer, but, since i got hplips drivers on the same "router", shouldn't i be able to print? Shouldn't p910nd merely translate data between hplips and my printer the same way it does between a windows pc and printer? I downloaded couple apps on android and, if on the same network, it prints immediately with no issues at all.. Why not on openwrt (and I doubt that 100k android app has all printers drivers built in)