Local network only with no WAN port

OK, I've looked but my search-fu is failing me. I'm looking to use a WRT-based device to connect a few hardwired devices to WiFi on a closed network, with absolutely no WAN connection. Basically so I can access web configuration interfaces from a WiFi-connected laptop. Looks like a configuration as a Dumb AP is the way to go, although I will need to keep DHCP enabled.

My real question is can I turn the WAN port into a LAN port? I'd like to be able to use all the Ethernet ports for LAN, and have absolutely no need for anything WAN-like. Is this possible, or does OpenWrt really need to have a WAN port configured, even if it's disabled or not needed?


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+1 to what @lleachii said.

To add one detail -- basically you'll just start with the default OpenWrt configuration and change the essentials (such as enabling Wifi and setting your SSID and password, if needed, optionally changing your network address range, if necessary). It will have DHCP enabled and it will work to create/control your network out of the box -- it doesn't matter that it won't have an internet connection. Then, if you want to make the WAN port into an additional LAN port, you can use the link @lleachii shared to accomplish that (it all depends on how many hardwired ethernet ports you need -- typically there is 1 WAN + 4 LAN making a total of 5 ports on many consumer routers -- if you want more ports, just leave the WAN port alone and connect a basic 5, 8, 16 port (or more) switch to one of the LAN ports).


Thank you both @lleachii and @psherman, that's the exact info I needed.

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