Local dns on dhcpv6

I've switched to LEDE (r2032) and liking it thus far. The one thing I'm having problems with is DHCPv6, or rather the local DNS part of it.

First off, I see that most devices even when supporting dhcpv6 don't send their hostnames (or maybe do, and odhcpd isn't recognizing them?). That means that that luci shows a lot of ? in the lease list. I have OS X devices, a PS4 and a NUC (in boot mode, not the os) which pollute the list like this. On linux, networkmanager doesn't send the hostname on v6 (at least when using dhclient) since 1.0.

Second, even when they finally do, i doesn't seem like it's usable anywhere. While dnsmasq provides upstream AAAA records for sites like google, it does nothing for .lan hosts.

I understand that some of this comes down to client support, but is there maybe something I can configure to make this work a bit better?

Welcome Peter, nice to have you join the community.

I don't know a lot about dhcpb6, but wonder if you had tried it on OpenWrt. If so, does LEDE work differently?

Either way, it might be useful to post a bug report at https://bugs.lede-project.org/

To be frank - I don't remember, but I believe it did work for me on CC. I was hoping either @hnyman or @jow could chip in if it's supposed to work or not. Before i submit a bug I'd like to make sure if it's supposed to be working, and double check my configs with someone. One thing to note is that i get AAAA records from dnsmasq if i put them in a 'config domain' in /etc/config/dhcp, and I'm sure I didn't have them on CC (since i saved all of my /etc for reference purposes)

Hi @npr - the odhcpd daemon is supposed to write a file in /etc/hosts format somewhere into /tmp or /var and dnsmasq is usually configured to read that additional file by using the "addnhost" option.

First of all check whether you have an /tmp/hosts/odhcpd with name records for some of your IPv6 clients, then check with grep addnhosts /var/etc/dnsmasq.conf whether the file is actually used by dnsmasq.

Yep, that was it. Was this a default before in CC? I didn't need to do this back in openwrt.
The needed line is
list addnhosts '/tmp/hosts/odhcpd'

Good question - I always thought it is default but apparently it is not. Might be a genuine bug we spotted here.