Loading an IPv6 prefix from an unmanaged interface

I have an routable IPv6 prefix I am getting from an unmanaged interface via a means other than DHCP.

I can set a device's IP on this interface, using tools like ifconfig and the corresponding library calls. I cannot set the prefix as easily, though - it is under management of odhcpd.

If I set the interface type as "static address", I can set both the prefix and the address from UCI. I would very much want to avoid having a daemon that changes UCI to work, though.

Search led me to ubus, which seemed very limited in what it allows you to do with the configuration. Is there an endpoint - or some other way - to announce a received prefix that odhcpd can delegate?

To anyone who may have the same question in the future, it seems that network protocol scripts and netifd are the way to implement this in OpenWrt.

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