Lldp not working


I am using a TPLink Archer C7, V5, with OpenWrt 21.02.3. I have installed lldpd version 1.0.7-1.

After connecting my router to a network that contains a raspberry pi which also has lldpd installed, I can check (through Wireshark) that both the raspberry and the router are sending lldp packets periodically. However, only the rapsberry shows me the router as its neighbor when I issue the command lldpcli show neighbors. The Archer C7 prints a blank list in response to that command. Anyone knows what is going on? Perhaps the router CPU is not receiving the lldp packets?

I appreciate any help.

Did you allow the packets thru your firewall?

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Not quite sure how I would do that. The lldp packets are ethernet multicast and are being sent in the LAN network. The openwrt firewall is configured to accept input from LAN zone.

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Have similar problems

br-lan with .VLAN# (br-lan.10, br-lan.333 devices)

wan port is connected to Cisco (tagged VLANs)
lan1 port is connected to Linux PC (1 untagged VLAN from br-lan.333)

i can see lldp/cdp info from OWRT on uplink (Cisco) equipment (where tagged VLANs are connected)

and on untagged lan1 port.

I don't have firewall installed at all since this is a dumb AP.

Atleast i can get info on AP on switch, but not when i check cdp/lldp neighours on AP itself.