Live disk image installation


I have some live disk images(idk is it called correctly, but it's named with .img on the end and I may mount it into my Ubuntu mount points). So, I need to install it live disk image somehow to another PC via USB stick or tun in from USB stick.
I've tried make boot disk image, but it's not worked.

Does this help?


Unfortunately not.
I need to find some other way, to show the loader where is the bootable part.

Are you trying to connect this usb stick to an openwrt device? Or does the usb drive have openwrt installed on it?

copy the kernel to the already existing /boot directory, and write the ext4 rootfs to a new partition, then resize it using resize2fs, to match the size of the root fs to the partition (it needs to be > 100MB).

add a new entry to the boot loader (grub2 ?)


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I can't install it on USB stick, because it's unarchieved image, so IDK what to do with it. I've copied it on USB stick, but it's not worked.

Iā€™m trying to understand where OpenWrt plays in here. Are you trying to install it on a usb stick for live boot of OpenWrt?

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Did you follow the instructions on the Wiki?

Your response seem as if you never reviewed the information linked above?


It provides 2 commands to install/copy to a device (i.e. USB stick).

For USB boot, use dd in Linux, and Rufus in Win.