Little help from pros,about hardware choose

good morning from greece my friends.....i want to make a good choice for hardware router and supports openwrt......i think to buy Xiaomi Mi Alot Router AC2350 BLACK for gigabit ethernet and fast wifi........i want forums opinion about hardware for about 40 euros....any other suggestion? ChatGpt suggest me this Xiaomi Mi AloT AX1800 RA67 and TP-LINK Archer C6 v3 i see that Xiaomi Mi AloT AX1800 RA67 is more better than my choice.

Please be advised that ChatGPT is not really designed/intended as veridical recommendation engine... its purpose is to deliver convinving sounding prose related to the 'prompt', not actually truthful/correct prose.


i agree, Xiaomi Mi AloT AX1800 RA67 not supported........but have better hardware than my choice......i ask the pros in forum to propose the best choice and the finally decicion ill i make research only and hear opinions

In that price region, the Cudy X6 should be a good AP. For sure it depends on what you want....
What is your internet connection speed? What should the hardware do? (routing? Nat? SQM? or plain AP?)

Unless you manage to find a used second hand device, OpenWrt compatible wifi 6 routers below 40 € are hardly offered in the German market. If Greece is the same, you will mostly be limited to 802.11ac (wifi 5) devices.

In general, I would suggest to look at four things to come to a decision:

  1. So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST

  2. the table of hardware

  3. what devices can be procured at your location

  4. once (2) and (3) are concluded, check out the device support thread in the forum

I want 1 gigabit my local network i have server etc.....via ethernet and WiFi i want good speed for data and media....

Can you suggest specific device's at this price or 50.euros and second hand no problem

If you want wifi AP only, e.g. NO routing on device, then the Cudy X6 should be a good cheap fit. But when you only need AC wifi, you are also fine with older AC routers like Archer C5 v1 (although I would not recommend getting it anymore).

If you want max. possible performance, going to a device with at least 3x3 MIMO makes sense, though. The Cudy X6 only has 2x2. For 40€, you can maybe get the Xiaomi AX3200 which is only supported on snapshot and hard to first flash as you need UART access (or maybe a python script is enough - I didn't follow recent findings). I don't know of any <50€ 4x4 AX device with 22.03 support.

Edit: On the used market this is all different. I just got a Xiaomi AX3600 for 50€, which is also only supported on snapshot (and current snapshot builds don't work well, but easily fixable and likely fixed upstream soon), also I got a Netgear WAX206 for 55€. That is a much better device if you get it at that pricepoint.


Everything goes there Xiaomi AX3200..... I think it's the best choice about 50euros...... opinions?

it's a good choice for 50€

As I said, the AX3200 is a good choice BUT initial flashing is not as straight forward as with most other supported devices.

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Yes i know this.inread the installation tutorial

I agree with.this but its good opinion and make research and if you like proposal to forum and listen opinions

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