Listing of connected VPN clients?

I tried to search, but I can not find a way to easily see a list of currently connected OpenVPN clients through either Luci or shell. What I found is are ways of parsing the log files, either one time or every so often, to extract the info.

Setup is fairly simple, router is an OpenVPN server, multiple clients connect to it on standard port. Every client has their own cert of course.

Coming from DD-WRT, I am fairly new to OpenWRT. In DD-WRT listing of connected clients was right on the status page of VPN.

Is there a similar listing on OpenWRT? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to see it from the web page of Luci? Status file I would have to parse on every new connection, probably through a trigger in device connect of OpenVPN. I was looking for a web interface to this .....

If there is none, maybe this would be a feature request then?

No idea, I don't use Luci. This is the file Gargoyle parses for its interface.


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How about luci-app-commands with a command to cat the file? :grin:

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