List Vendor Information elements

I am using openwrt snapshot. I can scan beacons using "iwlist scan" command and get the IE's of remote AP. And I can configure vendor IE's for AP in my device using hostapd. Now how to list the configured IE's in my device? what is the command for that?. Kindly help.


The best way to be sure it's properly configured is to observe the packets on the air using a monitor radio on a PC with wireshark or similar.

hostapd really doesn't have a way to dump back its configuration. I assume you're familiar with the raw config file produced at /var/run/hostapd-phyX.conf. This file is read by hostapd; it is in the format that conforms with the mainline hostapd documentation.

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Thanks, yeah I can see it in beacon packets in wireshark . . Just trying to list it with any command..