Linksys X6200 is good modem?

final firmware ( build 19 )
very bad
wifi 2.4 GHz drop connection losses !
when open wifi 5 GHz only ( the LED wifi not work ) !
MUT 1500 Auto cant not Change !
power LED slowly on when plugin the modem !
not support the line information !
not support add DNS !
some problem of ADSL reconnection with some people ( not happen with me ) !
DHCP Client Table ( problem ) !
no new firmware from 2017 to now 2019
do you think the linksys is good modem/router ?

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Doesnt appear to be supported[Brand*~]=Links

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X6200 is not supported by OpenWrt.

-> CPU1: Realtek RTL8685P (Lexra RLX5281)

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i not try again install the OpenWrt
OpenWrt is damage my old router tp-link w8970 v1.2
i install the OpenWrt 18.06.1 by cable usb ttl ( all is good )
then get some problem stable problem with ADSL 2+ connection loss and not reconnect need reboot the modem !
try install openwrt 17.01.6
from web interface
the stupid openwrt 18.06.1 did not accept install openwrt 17.01.6
i download openwrt 17.01.6 for tp-link w8970 v1.2
then try install Development build by web interface the router accept install
but get 100% and then type wait wait for long time the router stop work :frowning: try install by usb ttl accept install
but after type
sf write 0x81000000 0x20000 0x$(filesize)
take long time more then 7 minutes get ( ........................................ for infinity time )
the me unplug the router from electric then plug get
only write
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
ROM VER: 1.1.4 CFG 05
for long time
then try UART mode the router is damge ICs VRx 200
This system openwrt is good for More features but more and more problem more and more unstable
at any time you try install new firmware
Any mistake, even simple from you or from new firmware ( your router is damage )
I'm not the first time install the firmware !
before that openwrt
i install firmware for
-speedtouch 510 v4
-TP-link W8970 v1.2
-TP-link Mr 200
-TP-link VR600
-Linksys x6200
all of them Original firmware ( no any problems )
but when try install openwrt not easy get more and more problems
and when install finaly get other problem with Stability
now i used linksys x6200 with firmware build 18 ( not build 19 build 19 problems ) all is good
Advice Who wants to try this system openwrt He should prepare to lose a device at any moment !

Your comments are insulting the many volunteers who have implemented and continue the maintainance of openwrt (which is available for free!). It is completely out of line to criticise their work in an unconstructive manner.

The wiki documentation for openwrt says in countless places, “be careful, proceed at your own risk”. You haven’t purchased anything. No one owes you anything.

Anything worthwhile doing invariably requires an investment of time and energy upfront. Expecting your first experience of installing and using it to be seamless is a bit unrealistic. Its a fact that some devices are easier to install openwrt on than others due to technical constraints of the devices themselves, and sometimes due to hurdles the oem vendors put in the way.

The takeaway from your expereince here should be to check if a device youre about to buy is supported first. Read the device pages for it. Are wiki doco pages even complete? How well and how many rollback methods are documented? Search this forum for other people with this device. (Lots of users usually means better support)

Link for devices meeting the minimum requirements:

Devices with potential longer term support (8mb+ flash \ 64mb+ ram)


why when me install openwrt 18.06.1
when try install 17.01.6
not accept downgrade the firmware ?
but as example
linksys x6200 get with official firmware build 19 easy go to
and install build 18 ?
the official firmware of tp-link very easy ex. install firmware 15 can be return easy to firmware 14 !
in openwrt when instal ver. 18.06.1 when go to ver. 17.01.6 need USB TTL !
if you need install the new windows go to DOS and type Dos command ? or Install By Boot CD Very easy ?
the first install openwrt ok need USB TTL Because the device has protected by official firmware but after this you Supposed to install the all firmware OpenWrt for your Device very easy by web interface
and This did not happen with me !
and thank you.

Im trying my best but im struggling to understand the problem you are asking for help with. Are you trying ti downgrade to older openwrt version? If so, why??

  • As mentioned , some devices have limitations that make installing and upgrading more difficult. Read the device page on the wiki carefully before doing anything.

  • flashing via bootloader / tftp is usually most reliable way

  • sysupgrade technical reference

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There is deliberate complication from openwrt To force you to the latest version Even if they are bad to try fix the problem without return to the old version !

yes Because I heard openwrt 17.01.6 best then 18.06.1
18.06.1 with me is unstable with ADSL connection
and problem with Hide SSID

No one is forcing you to do anything!! It is completely your choice to do whatever you like with the devices you have.

The number if times ive seen someone asking about downgrading is so few i can even remember the last time it came up.

Bear in mind that the lede project merged back into openwrt. And that there might be some differences in the mechanics and safety check of the install and upgrade process (i never needed to look that closely as i never looked back after upgrading). There wont be any further 17.x.x releases so rolling back is only ever going to be a temporary measure - unless youre going to stay on that version for the lifespan of the device.

Can you please paste the output after youve tried to run sysupgrade from terminal to install the lede image manually , need to see whatever errors its returning to be able to say what next to try

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