Linksys wrt610n v1 - 5GHz issues

Hi have a linksys 610n v1 that I just installed the new Openwrt 16.06.2 software...the 16.06.1 work ok but the version I'm have some issues with...the 5Ghz wireless it not working properly, the router drops all connections to the internet after a few day of running good..I need help to fix this issue.

  • The b43 wireless driver doesn't support 11n modes (HT) or 5Ghz. The closed-source wl can be used for both.

Broadcom wireless is notoriously poorly supported by open-source firmware.

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b43 does support 5 GHz by now, but it is limited to 802.11g (non-HT) speeds (54 MBit/s at most).

BCM4322/ n-PHY Broadcom softmac just is a bad choice for running linux and the 300 MHz MIPS32 SOC (BCM4705) is also starting to show its age by today's standards.

My WRT61N router keep drops connection after 2-3 day of running normally...It will run fine for a few day then it will first drop the 5Ghz wireless then drops the rest after....I will usually have to reboot the router every couple of day which is annoying sometime because some time one of the wireless radios doesn't come back up after reboot.
Currently radio "0" setting are 802.11bg;
Operating freq: Channel "auto";
Encryption WPA2-PSK with Cipher set to "Force CCMP (AES)".

radio "1" setting are 802.11abg;
Operating freq: Band "5GHz" Channel "36 (5180 MHz)";
Encryption WPA2-PSK with Cipher set to "Force CCMP (AES)".

Any suggestion as to what can I do to mitigate this issue?

Considering the hardware and the dire driver situation for BCM4322, the only sensible option would be to replace the hardware with a well supported, modern 802.11ac alternative (ipq40xx, mt7621 if you need something very cheap - ar71xx/ ath79 or lantiq might provide interesting options on the used market; see Top ten routers currently in use? for a selection of potentially interesting candidates).

Just upgraded to OpenWrt 18.06.4 from having issues again with wireless radios.....rebooted and after the reboot I now see two extra radios which I didnt turn on....I an unable to delete them and my wireless is not working right.

I look in my in my System ---> Startup and noticed that some of my "Initscripts" have the same "Start Priority" eg. dnsmasq, dropbear, and firewall has start priority of 19

can someone help?

In case the device paths changed between 18.06.2 and 18.06.4, which should be unlikely, trying to re-detect the wireless might be the way to go:

# rm /etc/config/wireless
# wifi config

Either way, support for BCM4322 will be minimal.