Linksys WRT54G ver. 2 - best firmware to test VPN (openvpn)


I never used a vpn service, and I would like to test this feature connecting to the an LTE router my old WRT54G ver. 2 to do some experiment/test. After these test I will upgrade my router!

what is the best updated openwrt firmware I can use to do that?

thank you for the suggestion, I've searched some information in the board around that argument, but without success...

I know that the WRT54G ver. 2 is an old router but before buy another device I want to understand if the main LTE router support a cascade connection with another router and how a vpn work

thank you

wrt54g was a nice device for its time, but it can no longer be used as the last supported firmware is 10.03.1
You can find new routers supporting latest OpenWrt for a small amount of money.

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So do you think that also to try how work a vpn service is impossible with 10.03???

And if impossible... what can be a used router that support an openvpn service?

It will be challenging to install the necessary packets for vpn in such a small flash. And most likely the version of the OpenVPN will not work with the current one, which your provider is using.
Search for devices with 16MB flash and more. Also OpenVPN can stress the CPU, so if you get a weak one it might be the bottleneck of the connection.
Some devices with support for current OpenWrt with 16MB flash.

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There is nothing reasonable to do with this device anymore, even less for rather demanding VPN uses. Aside from the serious security issues in a 10 years abandoned code base, I wouldn't be confident to fit OpenVPN in there either - nor that the ancient OpenVPN versions and their supported cypher set is still accepted/ acceptable to interoperate with modern OpenVPN servers.

Keep in mind that the Linksys WRT54G v2 is 18 years old by now and only offers 4 MB flash/ 16 MB RAM combined with an ancient 200 MHz mips core (back then the Pentium III with 1.0-1.2 GHz and ~128-196 MB RAM and Windows XP was the norm), this is way below the hard limits of the minimum system requirements. It deserves retirement in a cozy recycling centre.

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Thank you... I have already an inet gl 150... I will update it with last open wrt (now there is the stock firmware) and then I will apply this configuration:

LTE router connected già cable to gl inet with a vpn configuration, and to the other lan cable a switch .

I think that all the wifi and all the lan connected to the switch will be inside the vpn.

How many device will be counted by vpn provider ? I think one, the inet gl 150

Since you'll set up masquerade, just one device.