Linksys WRT32x Wifi Signal Power


I have Linksys WRT32x router and I am asking if it possible to reduce the WiFi signal power in that router throw radio configuration file which locate in this path /etc/config/wireless or in another file maybe ?

Sure, have a look at txpower:

Hi sumo,
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There is no such as parameter in wireless file as you can see in below
by the way I am using the stock firmware for my WRT32x

config wifi-device 'radio0'
	option type 'marvell'
	option channel 'auto'
	option hwmode '11a'
	option htmode 'VHT80'
	option txantenna '0'
	option rxantenna '0'
	option agingtime '7200'
	option beacon_int '100'
	option beamforming '1'
	option dhenable '1'
	option dmode '0'
	option gprotect '0'
	option greenfield '0'
	option hcactout '60'
	option hcsacount '20'
	option hcsamode '1'
	option hdfsmode '1'
	option hnoptout '1800'
	option htpc '3'
	option htprotect '0'
	option intolerant40 '1'
	option optlevel '1'
	option preamble '0'
	option ratea '108'
	option rateac '0x28'
	option rateb '22'
	option ratectl '0'
	option rateg '108'
	option ratema '2'
	option ratemu '2'
	option raten '271'
	option regioncode '0x10'
	option rifs '0'
	option rts '2347'
	option short_gi_20 '0'
	option tx_stbc '0'
	option _htmode_auto '1'
	option opmode '28'

config wifi-iface
	option device 'radio0'
	option network 'lan'
	option mode 'ap'
	option disabled '0'
	option hidden '0'
	option ampdutx '1'
	option bandsteer '0'
	option beaifsnap '3'
	option becwmaxap '63'
	option becwminap '15'
	option betxopblap '0'
	option betxopglap '0'
	option bkaifsnap '7'
	option bkcwminap '15'
	option bkcwmaxap '1023'
	option bktxopblap '0'
	option bktxopglap '0'
	option disableassoc '1'
	option dtim_period '1'
	option fltmode '0'
	option index '0'
	option intrabss '1'
	option viaifsnap '1'
	option vicwmaxap '15'
	option vicwminap '7'
	option vitxopblap '188'
	option vitxopglap '94'
	option voaifsnap '1'
	option vocwmaxap '7'
	option vocwminap '3'
	option votxopblap '102'
	option votxopglap '47'
	option wdsenable '0'
	option wdsmode 'g'
	option wdsport '0'
	option wpsenable '1'
	option wmm '1'
	option pmfmode '0'
	option amsdu '2'
	option encryption 'psk2'

Well, you could just add whatever option you like.

If by stock firmware you mean the vendor one then you would need to ask via their support. This forum is about true upstream OpenWrt.

If I remember correctly, the WiFi chip of this model does not allow signal power adjustment. You cannot increase or decrease it.


I added that parameter just to try but it does not solve the issue it seems to be there is another file have control on this thing
I asked here because WRT32x router operate by OpenWRT firmware so I thought I can find someone here can help me with this

Hi LGA1150,
Thanks for reply

I can reduce the WiFi signal power by installing dd-wrt firmware so I think the chip of this devices allow to do such as this thing on stock firmware but I don't know how

Doubtful, as dd-wrt uses mwlwifi, same as OpenWrt. The venom power table is fixed at maximum, as read from eeprom as indicated by output of:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/mwlwifi/info
power table loaded from dts: no

this from a rango.

Hi Kabuli Chana,
Thanks for replay

I installed Openwrt firmware and try to reduce the power but I didn't succeed with that
The only way makes me do that is by install dd-wrt firmware however in your opinion can I do some change on power table in eeprom ?