Linksys WRT32X OpenWrt-based firmware & WRT3200ACM crossflash

that might be come in handy, because sooner or later I will be running out of nand space :slight_smile:
unfortunately all usb related commands: start, etc., result in crashim my mainmachine - i guess the reason is the prolific driver <-> cheap cable

But I’ll go on, booting from a USB Stick seems to be the best solution.

Can you try McDebian to check the possibility of such a boot wrt32x, and if it happens, then later collect Openwrt/Lede with an alternative way of loading.

For the sake of curiosity collected images Openwrt/LEDE for WRT3200ACM and wrt32x loaded from the external media.

What does that mean?

Everything is simple, instead of the recorded image OpenWRT in the NAND router, you use a recorded image on an external USB Flash drive or SSD.

Thanks for providing this image. Saved me a lot of time debricking my WRT32X lol.
Lost count of which partition I was on and flashed a bad image on both doh

@lantis1008, Have you restored the router?

Yes it is back to OEM currently