Linksys WRT32X-EU supported?


Looking for a good router to run Openwrt on. Found an WRT32X-EU. Is the EU version supported?

Yes, wifi will be a mixed bag but the SoC and ethernet are very solid.

If wireless is part of your needs, then this device is NOT an option and disqualifies itself thanks to the abandoned and buggy mwlwifi hardware. It can be a decent wired-only router, if you can get it for a good price.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have alot of smart home devices using wireless so it is important for me. I have around 30 devices connected via wireless right now and it will only increase.

Can you recommend a different router that is better for wireless use and are still available?


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5Ghz works without much hassle on my WRT3200ACM boxes but they're only running WPA2.

It depends on your requirements, pretty much any supported platform have its limitations and quirks ranging from flakey wifi to poor switch support.

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