Linksys WRT32X Cannot Flash Back to Factory

I bought a WRT32X that was sold as a WRT3200ACM. It turned out to have DD-WRT on it.
After an evening of fruitlessly trying to get it to work in place of my ailing WRT3200ACM, I could not get my web server to be visible (despite meticulously adding all port forwards) and I could not see the drive share of the PC on this router on the LAN either. For that matter, I could not get an attached drive to be accessible via the NAS feature either.
In short, I am trying to reflash it with WRT3200ACM firmware so I can load my config file from my dying WRT3200ACM, and get my network back up and running, but the router gets stuck in the flashing power LED mode.
I hooked up my old router and within 90 seconds everything works --I can see the drive shares on the PC on that router, I can see my web server and I can access the NAS drive attached to that router. Why these things don't work on DD-WRT, I do not have a clue, but I just want to get the new router back to factory so I can load my working config from the dying router. (Dying because it has started to reboot frequently and no it is not overheating.)
Any suggestions before I chuck it in the trash?

You realize that this is OpenWrt, and not dd-wrt?

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No. Are they different?

I just want to get this back to stock firmware. Seller misrepresented it as a WRT3200ACM and it is NOT. It won't take my config file for my original router that is dying and I need a drop in replacement that I can load the config file and be up and running.

Yes, OpenWrt and dd-wrt are (very-) different, we don't know how the dd-wrt firmware behaves, what needs to be done there to revert to the OEM firmware. Please look up their dd-wrt specific advice for reverting to OEM.


Unfortunately, I'd already been there in that forum but none of the advice given resulted in a restored firmware. I've no option but to search for another WRT3200ACM and chuck this one in the trash.

You can download the original firmware from here and try to restore it to factory and then install Openwrt on it.

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Try another power supply.
Make sure that plug, voltage and current rate on the router side of the power supply are identical (voltage must be identical, current rate should be at least equal or higher).
As the hardware of both WRT32X and WRT3200ACM are said to be the same, you should be able to swap the power supplies of both devices and see if it makes a difference on the old router.