Linksys wrt32x and wrt3200acm


I know 32x and 3200acm with open firmware are the same but it seems according to many that both are not really good with wifi..
So I need another router, I've already have the netgear r7800 but I want something with maybe more power.. and I have a great deal on those linksys..
What do you think?

i think if you already have a fast router like a WRT32x, then you should just buy a TP-Link EAP access point ($50-60) and plug it in, and turn off the WRT32X wifi.

nevermind, I misread your message, why is the r7800 not enough? what do you need that you can't get from r7800

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It is for elsewhere and I would try another router. Wrt3200 it is supposed to be a bit stronger vs r7800... some like those linksys but others, not really so im not sure.

So, you need a router to install at a new location, and want advice about what to buy? What kind of network demands does this new location have?

It is a second house, big smart TV.. 4k streaming etc and I want a pretty good router... not one at 400$ but I've already have the R7800 and I like to discover other brands or models.. so wrt3200acm seems pretty good

At the moment I personally thing the RPi4 is a fabulous choice for router: RPi4 routing performance numbers

For WiFi, it's best if you can place your access point strategically, so an all-in-one device is really sub-optimal there, and choosing a two-piece setup makes more sense (plus it gives you easy SQM as well). You might look at something like the GL-B1300 or a commercial access point like the EAP225 (run the stock firmware).

Stock firmware for an access point is going to get you highest compatibility of the wifi, and these days that's an issue. The security implications are far less for an AP than for a router. I'd never run stock on a router, but an AP is basically ok.