Linksys WRT32x and 160 Mhz channel

Here's my current situation. I have a Linksys WRT32x currently running on DD-WRT. I'm having issues with certain devices connecting to it though, so I'm considering a change.

I had considered going back to stock firmware, but via the website, I found out that in order to run a 160 MHz channel width on the 5 GHz band, I must put that radio into 802.11ac Only mode.

I'm currently running it on AC/N-Mixed on DD-WRT with 160 MHz channel width and all is working fine (the aforementioned problems are all related to connecting to the 2.4 GHz band).

So my question is, for anybody that has this router, are you able to set the 5 Ghz radio to AC/N-Mixed with 160 MHz width? And if so, does it function properly?

If not, I'll probably just switch to stock firmware and leave it at 80 MHz width.

You will probably have the same issues using OpenWrt...

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I considered that a possibility, but one of my devices is an ESP chip device and I found this:

Whereas DD-WRT I couldn't find any relevant information for trying to fix the problem.

Hi all
have the wrt32x and the 3200acm one is doing AP mode off of pfsense with a couple of vlans the other is a client bridged to 5 GHz. they both have the fixed openwrt 21.02 its good but I cant get no more then 400 mb out of radio0
and channel 36 seems to be the only stable channel for me has any body seen faster speeds out of this. Ethernet seems good though just as fast as my sg300 switch. i got firewall turned off on both. Im not expecting the world out of these but i got decent hardware for firewall to handle up to gigabit routing.
forgot to mention that the wrt32x is doing sqm.

My answer may or not be relevant, as I'm still on DD-WRT and considering switching to OpenWRT, however...

I can get 500 Mbps download WHILE watching a 1080p stream on
And I can see in DD-WRT that my computer is only connected using an 80Mhz channel width (instead of 160 Mhz), but I'm pretty sure that's just because of the wireless adapter I'm using.
I've got it on Channel 100.

Unless you are located in India or South Africa, channel 100 is a DFS (radar) channel.

Additionally, on channel 100, you overlap with 14 other channels (102 to 128) using 160 MHz width.

For 2.4 GHz, channels 1, 6, and 11 are non-overlapping.

I was using a David's build 19.0.7 before 21.02 I was on channel 100 but I think dfs was turned off on the David's build but I got less then 300 mb speed. my thoughts are it partly do to what encryption you use traffic is a big part but when you have two wrt3200 linked together at 160 one would think you should get over 300mb it is faster on 21.02 using the mixed encryption now its at 500 or under. the thing is with the link between the two 3200 wifi speed idles until data is sent between the two is this normal. not many people have this setup.