Linksys wrt3200acm


I'm new in your world. First time with pretty good router and I would like to try an open firmware.

I've read on dd wrt and open wrt but it seems that, dd or open, the wrt series are not always stable?

So I know I'm on your forum but I would like to know with frankness if dd wrt is more stable on that router or if open wrt is better. I know some are more stable on tomato, asus wrt etc....

So maybe you could help me.

Thank you very much.

James Perks

I can confirm v19.07.2 is very stable. You will lose some features for WiFi such mu-mimo, but that's not the fault of the opensource community. The manufacturers don't allow full access to the source code.

RANT: A high percentage, I would even venture to say 90%, of consumer's don't give a flying cow patty about source code. They just see a name-brand. OEM's should be completely opensource ESPECIALLY if they discontinue product support. HINT HINT WINK WINK Linksys, Netgear, etc. Let the opensource community do what they do best; work together to fix your crappy products.

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I've read on mu-mimo and it seems not really a good feature on the moment..

You should be gtg then :slight_smile:

Be aware there are 2 partitions. When you install new firmware, it installs to the opposite one. Ex. you;re on the 1st partition with linksys firmware and you install openwrt, it will flash to the second partition. Getting there requires a sequence to switch to the openwrt side. Once you're in openwrt, you can in luci, then luci-app-advanced-reboot.

Hi I have the wrt3200acm and love it. Wifi is crappy, but only with some devices. I have a lot of devices in my house and all of them get on with the wifi radios in the wrt3200acm. Some people have had dropouts with some cheep wifi cams and some streaming devices. You can try out OpenWrt and then just go back to stock if it is not for you.

After install of OpenWrt you should check out some of the packages for it like addblock, banip, bcp38, sqm, https dns proxy and menny more! Good luck and have fun!

If you need any help just give a shout out on the forums or OpenWrt help on twitter.

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