Linksys wrt3200acm with wireguard & configuration?

Hello everyone ,

I'm planning to switch from ASUS AC3200 to Linksys wrt3200acm. I want to know if I can achieve the following through Linksys router:

1- My TV having one dedicated WiFi band/SSID which uses only a predefined DNS server. This DNS won't be my ISP DNS.

2- A wireguard client ( with web GUI ?) and any client connected to SSID for 2.4Ghz band has its traffic going through that wireguard VPN.

3- Third band or SSID having traffic going through WAN but with predefined DNS over TLS ,like that of cloudflare and an ad-blocker.

I am completely new to Openwrt with nearly zero knowledge of how things work but not a complete noob when it comes to routers. A guide can be helpful if anyone can help please.

  1. Yes - see: Separate subnet on physical port #4
  2. Yes - see: [Solved] Wireguard as a VPN "server"
  3. Yes, but you cannot do a second or 3rd band, they all have to be on the same WiFi channel. See link in No. 1. Also see: Adblock support thread

You can learn :slight_smile:


I think these posts refer to something different.

I want to have 2.4Ghz band on the router dedicated to wireguard VPN (Client mode) while 5Ghz dedicated to WAN (ISP).

This will require a couple policy routing rules, you can definitely do it. You add a new route to a new routing table that sends everything via VPN, and then you add a rule to lookup the route in this table when the packet comes from the 2.4Ghz network.

No, they're the same.

That's exactly what I posted. You will create a SSID on 2.4 as your last step. Simple.

Also, you'll use different SSIDs and its entirely possible for the "VPN" SSID to be on either or both radios, and same for the "ISP" SSID. you could in fact have both SSIDs on both radios so that devices with 5ghz capability can use that capability while on VPN and devices without 5Ghz can still be on the ISP routed SSID.