Linksys WRT3200ACM not responding and losing Internet connection


I now have tried OpenWRT 22.03.0 for a couple of weeks, but sometimes strange things start happening.

  • Router becomes unreponsive, pinging router, no reply.
  • Luci interface then hangs.
  • Internet not accessible.
  • Cannot SSH into the router.
  • Sometimes after a few minutes the router comes back alive, today I had to power off the router before I could login again.

I did a clean install, cleared config, and only added Advanced reboot, and WOL, and I imported DHCP settings, since I wanted to have fixed address for some devices.

I also has this when trying the 22.0.3 RC6 version.

It's really annoying, so I decided to return to 21.2.3 which is running without any issues.

I already had opened a topic for this, but hoped it was resolved in the final version, but in m case, it hadn't.

Since my setup is quite simple, I cannot understand why I do have this issue, and other people with the Linksys WRT3200ACM with probalby a more complex setup have no issues at all.

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated, else I'll just stick to this version for now.

Maybe there are any logfiles availlable on the system which would could help determining the issue?

Turn off WPA3 if currently enabled.

For reference: WRT3200ACM - Multiple reboots after upgrade to OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc6

Sidenote: That topic does not contain anything about reboots (other than in the topic title). You might want to be more specific what exactly you are experiencing: reboots or network loss.


not actually reboots now, since when the Luci interface is up/comes back, I can see that the router has been switched on since the last time I rebooted it. But with RC6, the router actually rebooted.

For me it looks the same as with RC6, Internet not working, router not pingable. SSH not working.

I do not have WPA3 enabled, since I think that this router may not support it, and I also do not have clients requiring it.

Have you edited the firewall in any way?


No, only by allowing SSH only from LAN interface.

Would it be possible that the Router is not actually crashing, but more not responding due to the number of connections from a single computer, since I noticed more issues when my son is using his game PC, where he has multiple browsers open, with together more then 100 tabs, and also Steam updating
Last week when his computer was in repair, the router was stable enough, and troubles started after he got his computer back.

Is there a way to restrict the number of sessions per computer / IP address?

No? Only? (confused)

SSH is [only] allowed on LAN by default. So it may help to make sure this doesn't happen with a default config.

I was thinking somehow you mucked the firewall; but your theory on traffic could be possible too. You can run top or look at the load while your son is gaming, etc. to check.

Regarding restrictions by host - sure, there's many threads on the forum regarding that.

Did you enable packet steering?

I don't know what you mean with Packet Steering, but if you're referring to something like traffic shaping, no.

I did a new test today, re-installed 22.03.0, configured it, all looks fine.

Turned on my son's pc, poof, internet gone, router not available anymore.
I had a ssh open with htops, that was also disconnected.

I had Packet steering enabled, but hadn't rebooted the router after enabling it.

So I waited until my router came back online, and then rebooted it.

I'll just wait to see what will happen.

Unfortunately enabling the packet steering and rebooting does not fix the issue.

Minutes after my son started his computer, the router wen offline (SSH, PING Webinterface), after a few minutes it came back again.

I installed version 22.03.02 last Friday, and until now the issue has not returned.

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