Linksys WRT3200 can not change country code

Cannot change country code ( iw reg set JP - no effect)
global - country 98: DFS-UNSET
phy#1 - country CA: DFS-FCC
phy#0 - country CA: DFS-FCC
phy#2 - removed'JP''JP'

Country code is hard-wired in this device, just do not specify any country.

It's mean i cannot change country and can't open 13th channel. I understood correctly ?

@ScalableJS, welcome to the community!

To be clear, are you in Japan?

You did not understand correctly - it seems CA may be burnt-in the chip.

yes it can work on channel 13! for that you can set any European country, you need set japan only if you need channel 14. doing that on European version of the wrt3200 you ll lose txpower on 5ghz radio from 27 dbm to 20dbm, because you can't use DFS channels

Please, see "Note for DFS of WRT3200ACM (88W8964)" at "".

Is it help me change country code ?
I should rebuild driver for mwlwifi. Maybe somewhere I can download the driver

See PR2397