Linksys WRT1900ACv2 2.4GHz defective?

Hi guys

somehow my 2.4ghz stopped working out of the blue. I am using the latest Version of davids LEDE ( and suddently i cannot see the 2.4ghz radio anymore. All my devices stopped working with 2.4ghz.

It has been working before since months.

I did mutiple factory resets and updated davids LEDE version but i cannot get 2.4ghz working.

Is it possible that this is a defective unit / radio? It has been around 38 degrees celcius in my appartment, maybe this was too much.

Is there any way i can be certain that this is not software / drive related?

Thanks a lot!

anyone? :frowning:

Check radio operation with OEM?

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Thanks. Same with OEM firmware. Got a replacement device. Replacement device rebooted every time there was traffic on the device. Customer support admitted that there is a faulty series of 1900acsv2 with faulty chipsets.

Now i will get a second replacement device...