Linksys WRT1900acs - Wifi not working at all after upgrade to 19.07.2

Hi Forum,
I just upgraded my Linksys WRT1900acs from 18.06 to latest 19.07.2 and the WiFi is not working at all.

The Adapters show "?" for channel and Bitrate.
All configured WiFi Networks have the "disabled" icon and show "Wifi unassociated".

Any help is very much appreciated.


If someone is having the same Linksys WRT1900acs, can you confirm 19.07.2 is actually working?

Note: I'm using Wifi Networks with 802.1x with Radius, so I somewhat suspect the wpad or hostapd services to act strangely.

Thanx again!

I have the WRT1900ACSv2 and there are no issues. I don not use Radius.

I would delete the whole /etc/config/wireless and would let it be automatically re-created in the next reboot. Then you would have the default wifi config and could see if you can get the radios to work with manually configured vanilla config. As simple config as possible.

Possibly some hardware references have changed (PCI path, was it after 17.01 or after 18.06?), or something similar.

there can also be trouble with management frames (802.11w) etc. similar advanced config things. The mwlwifi wifi driver in WRTxx00ACx series is not that great. :frowning:


Did a complete re-setup, without using previous configs.

Tricky thing is, that in order to use WPA2-EAP (WPA2 802.1X) you must install opkg package: wpad (as described here:

Everything is up and running again!

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