Linksys WRT1900ACS v1.0 - cant factory reset or Flash stock image

I am running the Davis502 flavour of LEDE with the recent Wireless fixes. I had some ISP issues and wanted to revert to the standard Linksys image and then start from scratch. Configuration takes minutes to refresh pages as opposed to 1 or 2 secs.

I have taken the Factory reset option from with LUCI and it reports is erasing the config. However it does not. When restarted it comes back with the full config. It saves any configuration change I make i.e changing SSID etc.

Looking at the advanced reboot, I can see the two different LEDE images (Present and last different kernels ) however when I try and flash the Linksys latest versions it fails with a message saying the Linksys.img is the wrong type of image to use.

The router is still operational but taken out the network and sitting on my desk. My thoughts are that if I could copy the stock firmware from a USB mounted drive into both flash partitions and then
in the /etc/config directory remove everything and then restart the router I would stand a chance of having the router running Linksys code again. However I dont know where the two reserved areas that contain the load images are or called or located.

Can anyone point me to these areas?


The image format verification has changed in LEDE, and that prevents you from installing Linksys OEM image via LuCI.

But you can use command-line sysupgrade to override the image format check and use the Linksys firmware image.

  • ssh into the router
  • cd to /tmp
  • download/copy the correct Linksys firmware to /tmp, and
  • run sysupgrade -n -F linksysfirmware.img

-F or --force

(Or you can also issue the "firstboot" command to clear all settings from the current firmware, so that after a reboot the router should start fresh from a clean slate.)

Thanks Hnyman

This make complete sense and matches what I am seeing. I will do this this evening.

Now you mention "firstboot" I do remember this command and have used it in the dim and distant past.