Linksys WRT1900ACS upgrade

On the web page for the WRT1900ACS (link below), under the section "Upgrading OpenWrt", it says that the option to keep settings/configuration should be de-selected/disabled. Does this mean that my current configuration will be totally reset and that I will have to start over from scratch again? Is the "work around" to save the current configuration to file and later restore it after the upgrade is finished? I'm currently on 18.06.5 and want to upgrade to the current latest available release, 19.07.4.

thats an equivalent not a workaround if you remove / edit nothing within the config.tar.gz...

major version updates you don't really want to be saving config anyway...

there are various guides on the wiki... one which discusses diff-ing two config files...

you really should be;

  • make a config backup
  • sysupgrade -n
  • unpack the backup on your pc (or router in another dir if you are confident on a command line)
  • add lines one by one back into the new config files

70-95% of the settings will be identical... it's the ones that aren't ( new options you'll miss, modded options that will render your device inaccessible ) that make blind restoration not wise.

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