LinkSys WRT1900ACS memory very low (flash free space)


have installed openWRT 21.02.1 on my LinkSys WRT1900ACS v2.
If i open SYSTEM / SOFTWARE there are only 24MB free space.
The router has a lot more memory (128MB Flash / 512MB Ram)?
Why is the memory so low for applications?
Do I have to set something there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your device has 2 bootable partition layouts, each with a roots of 34MB. 24 remaining means you’ve already used 10MB.


Thanks, so i have a Router with a Lot of memory, which ist mit available after all?
Ist the WRT1900ACS a good Router dir openWRT?
Thought it was Developer die openWRT, so Always the advertising Claims :grin:

It has 128MB of flash storage, that’s not a false claim.
The thing that is different is how they have used that storage.

Most devices you’ll find that there is a space set aside for the firmware, some space for storage, and usually a space for storing device configuration from the factory.
In the typical case, the firmware and other bits maybe take up 40MB, so you have about 88MB left for usable storage.

Your router was designed with a dual firmware in mind, so you have 2x firmwares and 2x storage partitions.

Yes you don’t get the full benefit of the size in normal operation, but what you get is the ability to have a backup firmware that will automatically kick in if you get into trouble.

Is the router good for Openwrt? Depends what you need. It routes data quite fast, but it has a troublesome past (and future) with its wireless capability due to the drivers. It will probably never support WPA3. If that is important to you, no, it’s not good. If you don’t care, it’s probably fine.

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