LinkSys WRT1900ACS disable all LEDs

Hello forum,

I'm trying to disable ALL LEDs on my Linksys WRT1900ACS running LEDE 17.01.4.

I figured out, that I can disable the Power LED by issuing:

echo none > /sys/class/leds/shelby\:white\:power/trigger
echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/shelby\:white\:power/brightness

But this procedure is not working for the Wifi-LEDs or LAN LEDs.

Thank you for insights on how to disable ALL LEDs by command and/or by script


PS: Using the Built-In LED-Configuration (System -> LED Configuration) did not help, as you can only set the trigger to none and that did not do anything to the LED state

Really, noone tried that? :flushed:

To my knowledge,

  • the LAN LEDs are controlled directly by the switch, and
  • in the official 17.01.4 the wifi LEDs do not work. If you are using later wifi drivers (like drivers compiled by eduperez for the stable branch) that are in line with kaloz/mwlwifi, the LEDs are directly controlled by the firmware/driver, and no config option is presented in Openwrt/LEDE.

So, it might be that you can't disable those LEDs.

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Alternative, non-software solution:

Category: Hardware mod / hack
Topic: Disable LEDs
Tools: Scissors or sharp knife
Materials needed: Black adhesive tape
Time needed: 20min for searching black tape, 1min for applying it

How to:

  • Cut black tape to desired length (sufficient to cover n LEDs)
  • Apply tape over LEDs
  • If not sufficient, repeat x times until satisfied with the result

Interestingly, in the Original Linksys Firmware (see Manual: on Page 69), the Activity Lights can be disabled. If it can be done with the Original Firmware, it actually should be possible with LEDE too? Or am I mistaken and if so why?


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I have same issue with ea8500 model any updates

OEM firmware is often built with Qualcomm proprietary drivers and tool chains. What the drivers supply often can’t replicate what Qualcomm’s can, especially as their data sheets are both not public and incomplete.