Linksys wrt1900ac v2

Hello group, I am new to openwrt, I have a router wrt1900ac v2 original firmware. My question is the following. I see that the latest version is 23.05.0, are there improvements, is this version or a previous one recommended? The same is used, both by wifi and by cable.

Thank you.

The upgrade is required, as 19.07.x is EOL and 21.02.x badly broken on mvebu, so anything older than 23.05.0 has security issues.

Good, still viable router (providing it’s on the wire). WiFi is pretty well borked.

Dual partitions allow you to keep both OEM and OpenWrt to reside on the same device (change back to either/or).

There is a Community Version Here and OpenWrt forum here

Yes. Use current build.

It would help if you could articulate your use case.

As a first step, I would follow the Quick Start.

By default, OpenWrt will pretty well work OOTB on the wire.

Go Nuts. Nothing to gain other than a secure environment.