Linksys WRT1900AC v2 Reghack


Is there any way to patch US domain to use 30dbm on all 5GHz channels and without DFS?



There is maybe a DTS patch to try.

Edit: I suppose the cobra might be supported.

FYI, this thread will be locked soon because the forum does not permit discussions meant to circumvent the regulatory settings of a device.

HINT: If you are able to change the country setting of your radio, a reghack is not needed.

Likely not on version 18...and this is illegal.

See: Reghack works in the latest stables versions of LEDE?

Even if there was, it would be against the forum guidelines to provide information that is for "for breaking any other law."

As @lleachii has pointed out, it is not legal to operate, or even modify a device to be able to operate as you have requested in the United States for virtually any readers of this forum.

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