Linksys WRT1900AC V1 throughput issues


I've been having issues with my Linksys router. I bought it a while ago and didn't get the chance to use it. I'd like to now with openWRT.

However, flashing the latest version of openWRT 23.05.3. My routers speed is limited to 300-315Mbps over lan, and its 2.4ghz performance is awful. When I tested it last, I only got 30Mbps.

Trying to troubleshoot the issue. I came across this video. Basically, he sums it up to being a issue with the switch to DSA and to revert back to a old version. I've done this and my speeds are comparable to my other Linksys router running its stock firmware. This is less than ideal. I've tried dd-wrt as well but it was even worse.

To note, I downgraded to 19.07.10

I'm wondering what my options are. I paid $50 for this WRT1900AC V1 off eBay a couple years ago. I'm not sure if I could get that back selling it locally but I'm considering it. Unless I can come to a solution to the issues listed above. Its just been sitting collecting dust since I use my current Linksys EA7200 with its stock firmware.

Thanks. Look forward to getting some feedback!

Due to bouncing through CPU gigabit port lan/wan in+out < 1000Mbps, each wifi is other connector to CPU and should be able to reach half of spec speed (1 antenna 433 or 72)
Try this:

Somehow flow offload has problems with DSA-s hidden vlans too

Feel free to share reports like ones without revealing your IP

Like Sock - link
19 - link
23 - link
23 with mtu fix - link
23 with device exempts - link

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I would suggest trying master snapshot, there are updates to mwlwifi which may buy you something. While the switch to DSA did have a negative impact on throughput, it is marginal at best, nothing near to what you are describing; most critical with a high throughput symmetric WAN pipe.

Yhe problem is flow offload failure that bounces fast to slowpath for each packet.

We'd need to disentangle a couple of orthogonal issues here…

What exactly do you mean by that?

The throughput between two ethernet connected devices through the router's switch? (this should be 1 GBit/s wirespeed, as it's handled inside the switch fabric).
Or the internet <--> lan (ethernet) routing performance (online speedtest on a wired system).

What is your subscribed wan speed to begin with?

DSA only using a single CPU does have some impact, but that would still give you ~500+ MBit/s and not ~300 MBit/s.

Wireless is a known weakness of these devices, Marvell/ NXP have stopped development over eight years ago and left it in a sad mess, but there have been some attempts to improve it recently. So please test wireless performance (wired client <--> wireless client) independently (iperf3) from the WAN speed.