Linksys WRT1900AC V1 - repair boot partition


I am using OpenWRT on an Linksys WRT1900AC V1. Currently i am using the snapshot version.

When i'm trying to install a new snapshot, as update, the device is not booting anymore. I need to start the device by booting it for 3 times in order to boot for the second partition.

Then the device is booting correctly into the previous snapshot version installed. I have checked, the device is booting correctly into partition 1. When i manually change the boot partition to 2 and boot the device, of course it's not booting. So it seems the boot partition 2 has some problems.

How can i fix the second partition? Knowing that if the device is booting into partition 1, i have tried to use the factory package / sysupgrade to flash the second partition. It did not work as there are some errors after uploading the upgrade package into the webui.

I want to change the boot partition into the second one, and without rebooting the router, i want to use the firstboot command on the second partition.

Is this going to affect the config from partition 1 also? Thank you.

  • what errors, maybe try from the CLI with -v
  • serial and tftp to the borked partition to get an idea of the issue
  • I do not think the firstboot idea is going to fly, at least as you want

Error after uploading the image:

Current boot partition is 1 and the router is working properly:

That is no error, but just informative notice to you.
You are uploading a "factory" image (compatible with Linksys flash routine) that does not contain OpenWrt image metadata.

You should either use the sysupgrade image, or
apply the force option if you use factory image (and do not keep settings).

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Note that you should not use 22.03 images with the Linksys mvebu routers due to a broken switch driver. Using recent master snapshots is better.

If i use a sysupgrade, the router does not boot in the second partition and i need to force it to boot in the partition 1 again, where the current snapshot firmware is running.

If i force the factory image on partition 2, i will loose all the settings from partition 1?

If partition 1 settings will remain intact, i will save the config of partition 1 and then import it in the partition 2, assuming the router will manage to boot in the partition 2 after the factory image installation.

No, the settings will remain in partition 1 and will be usable when you run that partition. Partition 1 stays completely intact.
You could make a backup file of them, and then restore that once you have booted the partition 2. (Assuming that settings are compatible)


Problem solved, thank you so much for the help!