Linksys WRT1900AC upgrade

i use Linksys WRT1900AC v1 router, but since new, still having issues regarding the stability, wifi strength etc... tried multiple latest stable openwrt distributions...

I was wondering if u can recommend any upgrade of that router... using with openwrt to have a stable wifi/eth connection. Also does it make a sense these days use one router? arent better a mesh wifi devices... etc?

thank you!

I've been using the same model for several years and never had trouble with wifi or ethernet. However, I currently use the WRT1900AC as a wired router and use a couple of other routers as access points. I've found it to be very stable.

what openwrt version? is it WRT1900AC v1? and what routers as access points? these access points are directly connected to wrt1900ac via ethernet?

Yes, WRT1900AC v.1. For access points I have 2 Linksys EA8300 running OEM firmware in Bridge mode. Connected via ethernet cable using power line adaptors. Works very well. I'm running the current version of Openwrt 19.07.4.

why such a setup? bc a signal issue? what specific power line adaptors do u have?

well isnt wifi mesh better solution? i am really confused here ... wifi2.4g is so messed up as so many aps aroud ... 5ghz has issues with signal in general... i am gettin sick how to setup working / stable wifi connection in my house .. even its a flat 90m2... still constant issues.

I have a two story house so one router won't cover the whole thing too well. Rather than spend literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a new system I bought a couple of used EA8300s to use as Access points - one downstairs and one upstairs. I run the Linksys OEM firmware on them in Bridge mode so my wifi signal uses one SSID on 2.4 and 5 bands. Each access point broadcasts the wifi on different channels, and that's the only downside to my current setup. However, most of the "downstairs" clients stay downstairs, and the "upstairs" clients mostly remain upstairs. If necessary they just cycle their wifi on and off for a stronger signal.

I bought some refurbished TP-Link TL-PA9020 Powerline adaptors for ease of using ethernet across the house, instead of trying to route ethernet cables all over the place. They are very stable and deliver a strong ethernet connection. Each access point is connected to a powerline adaptor so they use ethernet for backhaul, leaving both wifi signals to be used by the various clients around the house.

I previously tried a WDS setup but the signal was not stable and would cut off without any warning, forcing reboots of all hardware to get it to work again.

I never attempted a mesh setup because I'm only an amateur and found the directions hopelessly confusing.

Anyway, my current setup is stable and works well.