Linksys wrt1900AC Max vlan issue

Hi folks,
I've got a question concerning linksys wrt1900ac v1.
I'm using openwrt 19.7 with luci. I setup my vlans directly in the /etc/config/network.

I cannot manage to make vlan greater than 63 work.
So it seems that the switch is limited to 64 vlan (0-63)
this really looks like there is a hard limit on the number of vlan but it seems odd.

Has anybody encountered the same issue ?
Thanks for your help

Run swconfig dev switch0 help to see switch capabilities. The first line will have the number of VLANs supported.

That number is the size of the hardware table that configures VLANs, so only that many can exist in the switch. But you can tag the packets with any number by using option vid like this:

config switch_vlan
   option device 'switch0'
   option vlan 6
   option vid 850
   option ports `0t 3t'

Here 6 is the index in the table. It has to be a unique number that is less than the hardware limit. 850 is the tag number that will be inserted or removed from the packets.

Most new switches have a table size of 4096, so this is not necessary.

Understood ! Thanks for your help.
I understand better now.
I tried this out and indeed, I can setup vlan 6 with vid 850 but cannot setup vlan 64 with vid 64 because it reaches max vlan in vlan hardware table.

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