Linksys wrt1200ac v1 reset to oem difficulty

Hi, being new here, i have a router, the linksys wrt1200ac version 1 which I used to have with ExpressVPN software to watch BBC iPlayer in the Netherlands.
Being not to happy with continuous issues with ExpressVPN, I had the smart idea to restore it to original's firmware and wanted to implement DD WRT.
This for some reason didn't happen, wel, I tried couple times but with the reboot, it always booted up with the Linksys software.
Being brave, I found the OpenWRT image and gave that a try, happy......well
For me with my knowledge its far to difficult to understand.
Also, wanting to have it back to oem Linksys, well, seems impossible, for someone with my knowledge.
SSH? where can I buy that and do I keep that in the fridge, freezer or needs warmed up?
Also, it seems that I have flashed the LUCI firmware, which seems impossible to delete and to manage to start up or reboot with the Linksys firmware.
What do I have to do in simple human languish to switch the firmware back to how it was.
For me compared to the ExpressVPN firmware, this LUCI firmware is a right nightmare.

I found out how to open port 22 with terminal from my macbook.
I guess I am close to solve this issue I created today.
I need the command line how to install the original Linksys firmware with "terminal" from Mac OS.
Most probably due to complexity for me of the OpenWRT solution, I will stick with ExpressVPN as is it for me just so simple.
Download the complete package, fill in the passwords and up and running is the VPN connection.
If anyone is able to supply me with the correct line to have the firmware from linksys to replace the firmware from OpenWRT, please, would be so appreciated.

@dennis3258 welcome to the community!

Have you tried the instructions for your device?

Hi, thank you very much for the link, and most probably everything is there.
My problem is that I havent got a clue what line and how to do this.
New for me is the SSH, but thats bout it.
I know from one of the lines it's for a Windows computer, whit the C:\ etc, so thats not for me.
Should I use this line for Mac OS:

cd /tmp && sysupgrade -F -n -v <image-name


I don't see anything mentioning "C:\ " - can you show a picture?

There's only 3 steps, and only 2 lines of commands, I really don't understand the difficulty - can you explain?

Are saying that you don't know what Operating System your computer runs?

  • In Windows, Win10 has a built in SSH client
  • On other versions, you can install a program like PuTTY to use SSH
  • On a Unix/Linux machine, you just SSH into the router, the software is already built in

I advise you follow the 3 instructions on the Wiki and use the 2 lines it discussed, that's why they're there.

I followed the SSH lines, I Mean, I found out with this line that the boot partition was partition 1.
/usr/sbin/fw_printenv -n boot_part

Then I used the following line to boot from partition 2 and that did it for me, im back on the partition with the Linksys firmware, so that solved the problem for now, and I must say, I was a bit brave, lol, having enough bricks in the wall and don't need a blue/black brick extra.
But with out your advise, wouldn't be able to solve this issue, so thank you so very much.
Have I learned anything, probably, lol, most probably.
Am I going to do this again, first I have to understand what I have learned today.
So thank you very very much Mr. lleachii

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Also, now that the partitions are switched, you may wish to flash the OEM firmware twice - to ensure both partitions have OEM firmware.