Linksys wrt1200ac upgrade to 18.06.9 error

When trying to upgrade(using Luci) linksys wrt1200ac from v18.06.8 to 18.06.9, I got this warning:
Device linksys,caiman not supported by this image Supported devices: armada-385-linksys-caiman Image check failed
and a 'force upgrade' option.
This never happened before. I'm sure the image is all right. I use Image Builder to create another image, and same thing happened.
Should I do the 'forcing upgrade'?

Using the force upgrade on the wrt1200 is fine (I have a wrt1200 too), although I'd recommend using 19.07.5, it works fine on my wrt1200 and I think 18.. is no longer supported.

Thank you, now I have the courage. (One firmware partition goes to 19.07, the other one 18.06 :slight_smile:

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