Linksys wrt1200ac router switch throughput?

So, I had this thought that it would be cool to setup a NAS box, with maybe zfs raid10 (2 mirror vdevs in a pool that is), or maybe btrfs + raid10.

I have a Linksys wrt1200ac router. With OpenWRT, I thought, could maybe setup ethernet bonding, connecting 2 of the ports on the built in switch to 2 ports on the NAS box, both sides set to do ethernet bonding.

That would leave 2 ethernet ports that could go to 2 devices, plus of course the wifi for other devices. My thinking being that if there are multiple users on the network moving bits to/from the NAS, it would go a bit faster using 2x ethernet ports bonded.

But, then I got to thinking, I have no idea if the processor on the wrt1200ac is really fast enough to effectively saturate multiple gigabit ethernet ports + wifi. Anyone ever tried this? Is the even worthwhile, or is there essentially zero benefit from doing 2x bonded ether with that router?

The Ethernet switch is independent hardware from the CPU, and it is fast enough to move LAN to LAN traffic at wire speed.

I don't know if any sort of bonding is supported though.

this. bonding/aggregation sounds great in theory... but reality and hardware limitations usually have enough gremlins to make the gains minimal at best.

active/standby(backup) style redundant schemes are beneficial... and often don't need anything special on the switch... especially if your running things like iscsi or databases.

I don't know if it can simultaneously saturate multiple ports, but I use a WRT1200AC as an iperf3 server on the public segment of my network between my router and modem to test QOS setup. It doesn't even break a sweat at wire speed on one interface

In order to bond two ports, you need to move the traffic from the (fast) switch to the (slow) CPU... I bet this will decrease the speed.

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