Linksys WRT1200AC Options

I currently have a Linksys WRT1200AC running ExpressVPN's ROM. Although I like the speed and ease of use of ExpressVPN, I find their service 3x the price of most VPN vendors. The other option I like about their ROM is that I can choose which devices use a VPN and which devices go VPN-less (looking at you Hulu).

So... according the supported device list I can install OpenWRT on my WRT1200AC, but can I be selective about which devices use a VPN?

I know DD-WRT does not have this feature. If this can be done through an OpenWRT ROM, I plan to switch VPN providers, possibly to NordVPN.

VPN policy

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Thanks! Is there a recent demo of OpenWRT running on a Linksys router or any router?

Demo? OpenVPN isn't any different between platforms apart from potentially different interface names.

I was curious of the OpenWRT interface. When comparing ExpressVPN’s interface to DD-WRT’s interface, I’d choose ExpressVPN based on its simplicity.