Linksys WRT1200AC + Google Pixel 3

I have a Google Pixel 3 phone and whenever I leave my apartment and go somewhere and come back, the WiFi will not reconnect on the phone. The phone WiFi will display "disabled". I tried forgetting the network on the phone and readding it as well as restarting the phone and neither works. I have to restart the 5GHz WiFi before the phone will reconnect. VERY annoying. Anyone else experience something similar and/or have any suggestions? Can't say I want to live with having to do that every time I come back home after going somewhere. Would almost just rather use a regular router at that point to not have to deal with that hassle. Any help is greatly appreciated!

check issues, common problem I think.

Which OpenWrt version are you running?

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I am running the latest version, 18.06.4.