Linksys WRT-32x venom. can't get prompt via serial

ok so after so many tries i have been able to get an output from this router it is now not booting to any image and only the first LED is blinking steadily. last night i uploaded the factory firmware using serial TTL connection. now it won't boot at all. can someone please help me install openwrt on this router. i am uploading all the logs.

PS. right now it wont go past
MMC: mv_sdh: 0
this is the line it is stuck on and the one led keep blinking. also i can't seem to get prompt of Venom anymore.

This is the log for factory image install, please note this image was downloaded and renamed to venom.img from linksys official webpage.

and this is where its stuck now.

what truly is confusing is everything gone smooth and well. then why is there no firmware to boot into,
can someone help me install openwrt or factory firmware on this please.