Linksys WHW01 v1 (Velop) as Router


I have 2 OpenWrt devices:

  1. SXTsq Lite2.
  2. Linksys WHW01 v1 (Velop).

I use SXTsq Lite2 as an internet source, connected to public wifi (paid wifi).
And OpenWrt on Android TV Box (ophub) to route it.
Now I no longer use the Android TV Box as a router.

I want to use the Linksys WHW01 for routing.
And set DNS encryption, Adblock and Zapret later.

Internet (public wifi) <--- SXTsq Lite2 <--- via LAN ---> Linksys WHW01 (wifi for smartphone and lan for pc).

How to set up Linksys WHW01 as a router device?
So I can set DNS encryption, Adblock and Zapret later.

ISP IP address (public wifi):
SXTsq Lite2 IP address:

one of the ports of the WHW01 will be WAN, simply connect it to the port of the Lite2.

Hi thank you for your time.

I have been able to set it as WAN

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=""
uci commit network
service network restart

And remove one of the ports from the bridge to set it as WAN.

Then create a WAN interface with that port.

that shouldn't have been the default openwrt setting, but since you figured it out, whatever :wink:

This is a fresh install.
And yes, it's a bit strange that the device has such default openwrt settings.
Anyway thanks for the reply. :ok_hand:

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