Linksys to release the drivers for their WRT routers for better open-source support

Sorry, but still waiting for their feedback.

maybe your barking on the wrong tree here? linksys is just like a motherboard partner, they just build stuff but the actual chips it self is owned by someone (eg broadcom, atheros, realtek, mediatek).

so I guess if you want the drivers, you might want to go directly from the chip owners instead.

Yes, you could do that and appeal to their sense of decency, understanding of open source, respect for end users, or whatever. Good luck with that!

Or you'll just have to use your consumer power, which is indirect. You're not a customer of broadcom, atheros, realtek, or mediatek. But you can hope that Linksys use their power as "chip consumers" to forward the request on your behalf.

Precisely. I have tried contacting NXP and it's impossible. I've left a message on their forum, I phoned companies that had connections with NXP here in the UK and they couldn't help and I also even went to the point of messaging people that work for NXP through LinkedIn, however, they probably thought I was spam so it's most likely not gone through anyway. NXP will only listen to their customer (Linksys/Belkin) as they are the manufactures who are provide the wireless chips inside these routers.