Linksys rt3200: radio0 device is not active (mt7622)

sorry for late answer
I did not enable scaling.
Still having the issue and I moved to asus RT-AX53U

So far, so good, after removing the schedutil CPU governor from local startup!


2.4Ghz radio has been running fine.

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Do you recommend performance over ondemand? Apart from the trivial increase in CPU temp from running in performance, any other downsides?

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That was just an explanation my cpufreq settings manipulation example in that same message.
I have been happily using ondemand in my dumb AP RT3200 (that does not use SQM).

But I have noticed (or at least suspected) that cake qdisc in SQM may suffer from changing CPU frequencies, and do prefer the old simple.qos with fq_codel instead of cake.
See discussion in Increase in download bufferbloat with SQM enabled - #6 by moeller0


Hello! Can you share how to remove CPU governor from local startup?