Linksys RE9000 AC3000

Hi Guys

Is there any openwrt firmware for Linksys RE9000 AC3000? I could not find it and this did not appear to be broadcom and so I thought I should ask if anyone know anything about this device with Openwrt or any other opensource firmware.

Much appreciate.


Did you check

I did and did not find it there. The hardware looks impressive:

So I wondered if there was more recent info on this forum.


That usually implies that the device in question isn't supported.

yes, mt7621+mt7615+mt7615 should be supportable, but that doesn't imply anyone has actually gone out, bought one and done the necessary work to port OpenWrt to it - just that it probably could be done, not that it (ever) will be.


Impressive in what way?

It's a tri-band router, and it's not faster than any other, supported, AC2600 device....

Is the AC2600 device also made by Linksys or Netgear or TP-LINK? My google search brings up many.

Linksys EA8500
Netgear R7800
Netgear XR500
Zyxel NBG6817
TP-LINK Archer C2600

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thank you so much.

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