Linksys MX4200 twice slower than on OEM

Can anybody help me to figure out why my Linksys MX4200 mesh system running on OpenWRT gives me twice less speed? I can't make it give me more than ~200 Mbit/s over Wi-Fi from the secondary node connected to the main one via 802.11s. On the OEM firmware it was 400 and above. Am I doing something wrong?

radio0 - Mesh Point, AX 80 MHz (channel 36)
radio1 - Access Point 2.4 GHz, AX 20 MHz (channel 1)
radio2 - Access Point 5 GHz, AX 80 Mhz (channel 149)


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Did you read the ToH of the MX4200?

There is written (2): * NSS acceleration: the Qualcom NSS hardware acceleration is not available and maybe never will be. There is a community effort to enable it in the forum but this does not guarantee that it will be officially supported in the future.

Most probably the OEM is using this NSS acceleration?



Thanks for pointing me to the ToC. I indeed missed that part when reading it. It's a pity, of course, but it is what it is. Anyway, OpenWRT is much better in terms of stability and customization.

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While NSS is used for wifi offloading on the OEM firmware, its impact isn't that massive for WLAN. But your setup with a mesh environment is rather hard to debug - and by definition not comparable to the OEM firmware (which does not use 802.11s, but a proprietary variant of WDS) - 802.11s is usually slower than WDS/ 4addr, but more flexible (and would change with mobile satellites and multiple uplinks).

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