Linksys ea9500 with Passwall with Network Switch

Hi, Guys I have MY ISP's router which has gateway and its connected to Linksys ea9500 with its own gateway . Also Linksys ea9500 has Passwall Proxy app installed on it and its working fine.
Now the question is I have put a separate 6port network switch that connect to Linksys ea9500 and I connect my two pc's to it. However there is only 1 PC has the internet. Any other pc connect to that network switch not give the internet access(DNS Address could not be found). But the local IP address 192.168.5.x assigning without any issue.
If I connect the network cable Linksys ea9500 then some times I get internet sometimes I am getting same dns error message. I am using remote dns server settings on the openwrt passwall. So the issue is only 1 PC can get internet even if I connect to Linksys ea9500's network ports.
But we can connect to Linksys ea9500's wifi and get internet without any issue.

yesterday I posted updated version of this question. That post has been flagged and removed by staff :grinning:

I found the issue today. It has nothing to do with my config. Its actually openwrt version 23.05.3 has a bug. I installed OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3 version and it has no issues.

BUG - Default gateway is missing in 23.05 · Issue #13598 · openwrt/openwrt (